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I've been eager for more news about this proof-of-concept project, now called the Mythology Engine, because I'm enchanted by the idea behind it.

The Mythology Engine is envisioned as a guide to stories on the web: a database of characters, places and, crucially (the most unusual bit) events in fiction and drama.

Now, in its complete form this would be a paradise for pedants and canon geeks, but it can be a lot more than that. The ideas is that the site would let you (points quoted from the introductory blog post):

  • Catch up on stories you've missed
  • Explore stories and characters and help you understand plots and relationships
  • Find the stories you are looking for and share your favourite moments or characters

That's right. In addition to solving arguments, giving you ideas for what episodes to watch to see more of your favourite character or showing you what she meant by "This is exactly what you did last time!", this site could be the most advanced, most thorough spoiler experience ever created. (Naturally, however, the pages are in fact very polite in hiding spoilers.)

The proof-of-concept, unsurprisingly, uses Doctor Who. Not just because it's popular, but also because a show whose central theme is time travel ought to be an especial challenge to represent in a sensible form. See what they've come up with…

More about the Mythology Engine at BBC Blogs.

The bad news: as I've said, this is just a proof-of-concept and I don't know that there are any plans to make a full version.

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