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Herewith the excoriation. Spoilers for books and film.

Not nearly enough establishing of the daemons, what they can do and so on. Considering I was there for the shapeshifting talking animals, I was entirely gypped. They needed one more reinforcement of "you never ever EVER touch someone else's", too.

Two instances of people with identical daemons (both pairs of guards done for stupid symmetry reasons), which is wrong.

Pantalaimon's voice was appropriate. Hester's was absolutely perfect. Scoresby's entire portrayal was an exaggeration, but perhaps he was so in the source. I didn't notice him much in the books.

Underwhelmed by Iorek.

Two opportunities to establish "daemon dominating other daemon = human dominating other human" elegantly and subtly, both missed. For example, Lyra talking to Asriel — instead of "Quiet, Pan" and a brief cut to the daemons, we should have heard the conversation while seeing Stelmaria staring Pan down.

Tech was good. I had no mental image, but that could have been it.

No thoughts on Asriel and Coulter. Don't have a mental image of them, and those two actors aren't it. Stelmaria was pretty. The monkey wasn't pretty or savage enough.

They surprised me by letting Lyra be properly scruffy and urchinlike.

Guy playing the Magisterium agent was perfect facially, although the combover was going a bit far.

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